All recent updates

All recent updates

This list includes all updates made up to the writing of this article

30 January 2020

  • Sellers can now easily see in their profile how many times a specific product has been viewed
  • Namechange of certain buttons to make them more accessible for use

22 January 2020:

  • Removed obligatory shipping cost fields

21 January 2020:

  • Security updates

13 October 2019:

  • Integration with Trustpilot
  • Remove unnecessary elements on selling page
  • Optimize layout for promoted products on index

1 October 2019:

  • Added chat support system for Belgium and Netherlands
  • Optimized view of products lists (smaller icons that lead to more products viewable)

26 September 2019:

  • Main category 'Gaming' was created

22 September 2019:

  • All regions and cities of The Netherlands were added to the database

13 September 2019:

  • External link button is now available: sellers can link directly to external productpages

29 August 2019:

  • Programming WYSIWIG toolbar

28 August 2019:

  • PWA configuration was set (Progressive Web App)
    • All (Android / Apple) users are now able to use Sqully as 'App' by adding the website to the homescreen of their device. No Play Store or App Store app is needed.
  • Fixed location Database Bug

26 August 2019:

  • Updated Messaging System
  • Fixed Shipping Cost Bug
  • Fixed Search Language Bug
  • Fixed Newsletter Bug

21 August 2019:

  • Sqully app for Android on the Play Store
  • Search function was made directly accessible in the Sqully app and the mobile version of the website
  • Search function received auto-complete when searching for something or someone
  • Classifieds ads can be saved before being published
  • 2 columns are visible instead of 1 on mobile version of the website and Sqully app
  • Sellers are now verified and get a symbol next to their name in their profile
  • Ads can now get e specific adres if prefered by the seller (optional)
  • Location data is automatically taken from the seller's profile if filled in
  • General front-end update of the sales pages
  • Message system has been transformed into a chat system

10-16 August 2019:

  • Comma was replaced by the decimal point for ease of use with the numpad
  • SEO optimization
  • Google ads optimization
  • Welcome-slider updated with bigger font
  • Language selection placed in top menu
  • Resize mail logo and email logo for faster loading

1 August 2019:

  • Optimization and expanding main categories
  • Start of development: fix item location to sellers location
  • Start of development: upload multiple images at once 

31 July 2019:

  • Language selection was copied to the top of the website for ease of use

30 July 2019:

  • Category 'Music instruments' has been expanded
  • Custom quality filters have been applied to 'Vinyl' and 'CD'
  • HTTP/2 and GZIP compression activated for faster pageloads
  • Further security meassures and webfilters activated

28 July 2019:

  • New main category 'Family' with it's subcategories 'Clothing', 'Shoes' and 'Baby articles'
  • 'Curiosities' was added to 'Collections' with 3 new subcategories
  • Subcategories were made for 'Jewelry' and 'Watches'
  • 'Design' is named to 'Antique and design' to broaden the range, and also received a new subcategory 'Utensils'

27 July 2019:

  • New free selling filters were applied on almost all categories: 'Must urgently go' + 'Collector's item'

23 July 2019:

  • Support on first members and processing feedback of testgroup

22 July 2019:

  • Added main categories + unique filters to apply to the ads

21 July 2019:

  • First build of the main menu

20 July 2019:

  • Configure backups on Sqully servers
  • Configure security policies

18 July 2019:

  • Setup of subdomains for respective countries
  • Set up SSL certificate on entire website

17 July 2019:

  • Launch of multiple new domain extensions:
    • (Global Europe)
    • (Belgium)
    • (The Netherlands)
    • (Germany)
    • (The United States)
    • (The United Kingdom)
  • Start of website translations for respective countries

16 July 2019:

  • Launch of the website
  • Partial artwork by