Buy and sell second-hand online safely

Buy and sell second-hand online safely

1. Know who you are dealing with

All sellers are screened manually for the first time on Sqully before ads can be placed. You can recognize these people if there is a verification icon next to their name.

2. Use the messaging system on our website

All registered members can send messages to each other via Sqully to protect your email address. However, you can choose to make your email address visible on your profile and to communicate via email.


3. If the deal is too good to be true, it is often the case

Don't be fooled by super bargains. They may be there, but we recommend that you first have a conversation through our messaging system or email with the buyer or seller. If something does not feel right, then better off.

4. Never share your password

Sqully will never ask for your password or any code. If you receive such a message, notify us immediately. We take further steps with the suspicious user.

5. Don't just click on links you don't know

Buyers or sellers who share a link that looks suspicious should not be clicked. If you do that, in principle not much can go wrong, but do not enter any payment details on that website unless you are sure that it is a legitimate payment processing website.

Conclusion: Common sense

Your gut feeling usually tells you the right thing. If you have a bad feeling about a buyer or seller you communicate with, tell them that and why. Be polite at all times, because your gut feeling can also be wrong. Be on your guard at all times.

If you still have doubts or if you have further questions, contact us via or via the contact form on the website.