How does Sqully work?

How does Sqully work?

Welcome to Sqully

First of all, thank you for your interest in Sqully! The fact that you visit this page makes you curious about the new idea that Sqully has to offer.

How exactly does this website work?

  • every visitor can register freely without having to pay for it yes
  • every registered visitor can place an unlimited number of ads on our website yes
  • every ad stays online until the advertiser removes it (so you don't have to pay to keep your ad online) yes


That's right. Each ad is given a location during the online placement. This way a visitor can quickly see where the product is.

No problem, we do not show specific address details, only countries and provinces.

Sqully is also live under different domain names and multiple languages. All in all, worldwide.

You can find the different domain names in the updates page.


So above are a few examples, but the biggest advantage is that Sqully is completely free and ads don't expire after a short period of time.

At the moment (date of this writing is 20/07/2019) we are still in the starting blocks, but with the help of new members and your advertisements we can grow into something beautiful that will benefit everyone.

Other benefits are:

  • members can follow each other
  • members can send / receive messages via the website
  • a newsletter (not a spam letter wink) is only sent with useful information
  • feedback for improvement is accepted by the members (

Free for members?

Yes, free. It is that simple.

How does Sqully continue to exist?

We only have 2 sources of income to keep our servers online:

  • income through advertising blocks
  • income through registered users who wish to promote their property

Members can therefore also choose to give their search engine a boost.


Register today and just try Sqully. 

Share your ads on social media and help us grow!

Have A Nice Day !

Team Sqully